The HLS Upper School program is an excellent choice for motivated students who enjoy the challenge of learning and are pursuing a college preparatory course of study. Our curriculum is unique in that the subject matter is integrated and builds upon previous study each year. This format provides for greater retention and student enjoyment as they observe regular connections between subjects.

We operate on a four-day schedule that maximizes efficiency in the classroom and allows students a three-day weekend with a flexible home study day to incorporate college visits, volunteering, internships, extracurriculars and appointments.

In all of our instruction, an emphasis is placed on development of study skills, time management, test preparation, and presentation skills, all of which equip students to move on to college campuses and the adult world with confidence and impact.

The HLS faculty consists of dedicated professionals who are both educators and have extensive work experience in various fields. Many of our faculty hold masters degrees in their field and are highly committed to the development and caliber of a Latin school education at HLS. Our mentor teachers are passionate about learning and committed to modeling the Christian faith for our students.

New students are welcome and are encouraged to visit our school and see firsthand, the benefits available through a Latin centered high school program. We invite you to explore our 7th & 8th Grade course catalog and our High School course catalog to learn more.

download the hls 7/8th grade course catalog

download the hls 7/8th grade course catalog

Download the hls high school course catalog

Download the hls high school course catalog

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Highlands Latin School has an integrated course of studies that leads to a high school diploma of the highest quality. Our transcripts include course descriptions and book lists so that colleges may understand the nature of our curriculum and the level of reading our graduates have experienced.

Each credit represents one years’ work in a 3-4 hour course.

Math                                                                           4
Latin                                                                           4
English Studies (includes Logic/Rhetoric)         5
Classical/Christian Studies                                     4
American/Modern Studies                                     3
Music                                                                         1 (four years of choir)
Science                                                                       4
Club Sports                                                               1 (four years of PE)
Total    26 credits


Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday      Friday           

8 a.m. Math Math Math Math

9 a.m. Composition Latin Latin Latin

10 a.m. Classical Studies English English English

11 a.m. Logic Science Science Science

12:30 p.m. Greek Club Sports Greek

1:30 p.m. Modern Studies Choir Modern Studies

2:30 p.m. Study Hall Classical Studies Logic