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Kathy Greenslade, an HLS First-Grade teacher, answers a few questions…

 Where did you attend school?

I graduated from Carmel High School and knew I wanted to be a teacher. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Mary of the Woods in 2010.

Is there a particular memory that stands out for you when you were a student?

I have always loved words and language and I remember my fifth—grade teacher reading classic literature aloud to my class.

What attracted you to HLS and what have you learned about yourself after working for this school? What inspires you?

My students inspire me and I learn from them every day! I love the classical school model and truly believe children thrive with it. I love the teachers and staff here also. God has given Judie Huston, our school principal, a gift in choosing staff.

What do you want HLS parents to know about you? What are your hobbies, interests, passions?

I love history and historical fiction. I teach a Ladies Bible study at my church and am involved in our Spanish Outreach ministry. I love to cook and sew. I have 8 grandchildren and another one due in April.

What would you say to someone considering sending their children to HLS?

Parents who enjoy having greater involvement in their child's education really benefit from the HLS three—day school model. The structured classroom environment helps form habits and academic skills that set primary grade students up for success in later grades. In addition, they are mastering phonics, arithmetic and reading skills that prepare them for elementary subjects in the HLS curriculum. This unique classroom training combined with parent supervised review and practice create a winning formula for student development.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I enjoy watching my former 1st grades as they continue to learn and grow.