A classical education aspires to give students the kind of wisdom that would require a lifetime of experience to gain on their own. This wisdom is gained by reading the classics under the guidance of teachers who have integrity, character, knowledge, and wisdom.

The HLS curriculum is a coherent whole in which each year of study builds upon the skills and knowledge of the previous year. HLS Indianapolis is specifically designed to allow new students of any age to begin Latin study and prepare them with the necessary foundation for an in-depth and careful reading of great classic literature and history.

PHILOSOPHY Latin, mathematics and music are three basic and universal languages. They are the cumulative and most challenging subjects in the curriculum. These subjects receive special emphasis at HLS enabling students to reach their full intellectual potential by developing the powers of the mind like no other subjects can. Our curriculum is organized into the following six academic subjects plus music, art and physical education.

1. Classical Languages – Latin & Greek 2. Math 3. Science 4. English Studies 5. Classical & Christian Studies 6. American & Modern Studies

Christian/Classical Studies, English Studies, and American/Modern Studies are integrated courses where students learn the history, geography, literature, and art of each culture. We believe this is an effective method of learning about the past, one which decreases fragmentation and increases understanding and retention.

MATERIALS & TEXTS Highlands Latin School uses the Classical Core Curriculum™ developed at Highlands Latin School in Kentucky. After teaching the mastery of basic skills and classical children’s literature in the primary grades, its dual focus in on the intellectual skills of the liberal arts and the cultural content of great books from third to twelfth grades. (CSLA Website) 

Please visit the following two websites to learn more about our curriculum and approach: www.memoriapress.com and www.classicallatinschool.org

*Additional materials are used by Rod & Staff Publishers for math in the Lower School.*Upper School math and science texts are listed in the Upper School curriculum guides.

Click here to download our curriculum guide

Click here to download our curriculum guide