“How does HLS differ from other private schools?”

HLS is the only Latin-centered K-12 program in Indianapolis. Latin is taught as a core organizing subject beginning in 2nd grade and continuing through 12th. This long and deep exposure teaches students how to hold and retain information, trains academic and organizational skills and develops mastery of the English language.

Students who learn how to learn and master a subject are able to transfer those skills and abilities to other areas making them exceptionally well-trained students and young adults. HLS replicates the historical methodology and pedagogy of the Latin grammar school and its centuries long record of success.

“Is the school accredited?”

HLS is accredited by the Classical Latin School Association, an association of elementary and secondary schools that promote the study of history, literature and the great ideas, working to train foundational skills through a special emphasis on Latin and Math. The school has been a partner member since 2011.

The CLSA accreditation provides outside accountability and documentation to our students and families of our commitment to implementing and operating a superior classical Christian education. (CSLA Website) 

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“Is the HLS program accelerated?”

Our program is not accelerated but as our school grows and students invest more time in our program, their abilities and potential increase.

Students who perform at grade level are great candidates for our program. The environment and culture of academic excellence and scholarship help increase and develop every students’ potential creating many well-trained above average students.

“Can my student enter this program at any age?”

Yes, there are many introductory courses and beginning level Latin classes for students at any age.

“How can I find out more about Highlands Latin School?”

Contact Jennifer Wiley, our Admissions Director at 317-519-5501 or


Highlands pours God’s truth into our children. They model behavior and characteristics that are reflective of the fruits of the Spirit. Classical education has been proven effective over centuries, teaching our children HOW to learn and HOW to think, at each naturally appropriate developmental stage.
— HLS Parent
One of the most satisfying things about having our kids at HLS for the past six years has been to watch the incredible intellectual growth and positive character development in all four of our children.
— HLS Parent