The Highlands Latin School in Louisville, Kentucky was founded in 2000 by Cheryl Lowe. After years of research into the educational standards of the past, she developed a school model and curriculum to equip the modern student to achieve the same high academic standards known in previous generations. This model is centered on the mastery of Latin and Math, the formative subjects that prepare students well for higher education and life.

An Indianapolis campus of Highlands Latin School was established in 2011 to serve as a model to demonstrate that the successful results of Latin-based curriculum and school could be duplicated. Eight years later, Highlands Latin School Indy has grown to over 190 students in K-12th grade and is experiencing increased scores on standardized tests across the school. The five graduating seniors from the class of 2018 received over $1 million in college scholarships, further illustrating the value universities see in a Highlands Latin School education.

To further establish HLS Indy, the school incorporated as a non profit entity in 2017 to establish a permanent location for the school and help meet the needs of our immediate community. Since this structural shift, HLS Indy has acquired property in Westfield and is in the design and planning process for a new school building that will house our growing student body. HLS Indy received their 501(c)(3) status effective May 2017.