Highlands Latin School is a classical Christian school with a goal to nurture young people in both intellectual growth and the highest ideals of Christian character.

The goal of a classical education is to develop the mind of a student through Latin and Mathematics, and to develop wisdom and virtue through a careful reading of the classics. The goal of our Christian education program is to help students achieve Biblical literacy, a knowledge of church history, and a strong faith and Christian consciousness. We desire to create a school culture that is a model of excellence in both academics and Christian character.


JrK - 2nd Grade

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Reading, writing, spelling, and arithmetic are the foundations upon which the tower of learning is built, and they are given the highest priority in K - 2nd grades.

3rd - 6th Grade

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The Lower School (grades 3-6) continues to reinforce the important academic and social skills emphasized in the primary (K-2) school.

7th - 12th Grade

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The Upper School program (grades 7-12) is an excellent choice for motivated students who enjoy the challenge of learning and are pursuing a college preparatory course of study.